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Stylish Stoves

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The Heckla cookstove from Wittus

Wood-burning stoves are now designed to blend in with any room of the home. Many manufacturers make sleek, modern stoves that are efficient and provide considerable warmth. And if homeowners are looking to heat single rooms, stoves are the perfect solution.

Here’s a stove that actually multi-tasks. The Heckla cookstove (designed and produced by Romotop in the Czech Republic and imported by Wittus) is made for heating and baking. It naturally integrates living with functionality and style. Cooking with a wood-burning fire gives food a special taste. With a body made in a choice of high-grade steel, natural stone, or ceramic tile (in multiple color options), this stove has many design advantages.

Blaze King Chinook 20

The contemporary Blaze King Chinook 20 features a modern European design with integrated legs and a large rectangular glass viewing area. The convection deck is standard on Chinook models. An optional dual fan system can be added to further move the super-heated air into a room. The optional ash-drawer opens on engineered runners with a smooth gliding motion.



Blaze King

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