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Smoke-free Fires

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RS Chimney-fan System by ENERVEX

Well-functioning chimneys and venting systems are necessary in order to maintain clean and efficient fireplaces. Many homeowners are unaware of the importance of a venting system or the impact it can have to ensure that the room with the fireplace remains free of smoke and drafts. When homeowners are looking to install a new fireplace that requires a chimney, be sure to inform them of the benefits of having a proper venting system. ENERVEX and Selkirk are two companies that offer a wide range of venting and chimney products for the residential market.

The RS Chimney-fan System by ENERVEX is the perfect solution for smoking fireplaces. The extremely quiet and reliable chimney fan maintains the perfect draft to ensure a smoke-free environment. The fan is easy to use and is virtually maintenance free. It can be used with wood or gas fireplaces, as well as with coal and oil-fueled appliances.

UltimateONE by Selkirk

UltimateONE by Selkirk offers the latest technologies in factory-built chimney design, providing superior performance, durability, and safety. UltimateONE’s inner liner and outer casing are constructed of all-welded 304 stainless steel, providing superior strength and corrosion resistance. Engineered with a web-coupler design using an inch of Superwool insulation that makes contact at the seam, UltimateONE allows for pipe expansion and eliminates cold-air infiltration. Because UltimateONE is locked together with a latch-type locking band, no tools are required, making the installation quick, solid, and secure, every time.




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