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It’s Time to Cover Up

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Now is the time to start thinking about covering up the grill and patio furniture as the fall and winter months bring unfavorable weather. One’s grill or patio set should be seen as an investment that needs to be protected. So to get the most out of your outdoor products and to ensure they last from year to year, it’s important to cover them up.

Covers made by Two Dogs Designs

Covers come in a variety of materials, including nylon and vinyl. It’s important that buyers keep in mind the nature of their specific climate, making sure that if they live somewhere with heavy rainfall, they buy covers that are waterproof. The covers should fit snug but with room to make it easy to apply and remove them. They should also have tie-downs and fastenings to stay in place during high winds.

Two Dogs Designs is just one company that has found a niche in the patio furniture and product covers industry. Every Two Dogs Designs’ cover is made of heavyweight, 600-denier polyester with a PVC lining and one-of-a-kind Velcro tie-down straps. Two Dogs Designs prides themselves on offering high-quality, stylish covers in a variety of colorful and neutral patterns and designs.

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