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It’s Tailgating Season

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Team Grill TAILGATE Series

School is back in session and cooler air is just around the corner.  The beginning of fall also means the arrival of the college and professional football seasons.  Tailgating will become the main weekend activity for many loyal fans.  Here are some products that we think will make those game days even more exciting.

If one is looking to represent their team to the fullest, Team Grill has a portable grill series called Tailgate.  From college football teams to major baseball teams, Team Grill has a growing number of specialty grills that include team logos and colors.  These grills can collapse and be transported like a travel suitcase, which makes mobility easy for those who tailgate in smaller vehicles.

MiniHog T1000 from WoodMaster

For those sports fans who expect large crowds at their tailgating parties, the MiniHog T1000 is the perfect grill. This heavy-duty grill is powered by tiny pellets made of all-natural wood. It features a 904-inch cooking surface that will help keep up with hungry fans—whether  you’re serving steak, chicken, burgers, or ribs. The MiniHog T1000 uses customized pellet flavors, such as hickory, apple, cherry, maple, and Masterblend. It’s safer than gas or propane grills because there is little risk of flare-ups, gas leaks, or smoldering coals. You can even add your own personal style with a customized grill design.

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